Create an Application Profile

Before creating a new application profile make sure you have reviewed the Application Profile Creation Considerations and have all of the needed components ready such as service definitions, repositories, and lifecycle actions. Once this is done, can create the application profile following this procedure.

Navigate to the Application Profiles page and click the Model button in the upper right of the page. This causes the Application Templates page to be displayed with all of the OOB Application Templates as shown in the figure below.

Click on the application template most suited for your application profile. This causes the Model Application Profile page with the Topology Modeler tab selected to be displayed. The initial Model Application Profile page associated with the N-Tier application template is shown below.

The Model Application Profile form has three tabs:

  • Basic Information

  • Global Parameters

  • Topology Modeler

Start by defining the application topology and per tier properties in the Topology Modeler tab, then complete the required information in the remaining tabs.

Topology Modeler Tab

The Topology Modeler tab consists of three panels from left to right (recall figure above):

  • Services Palette
  • Topology Canvas
  • Properties Panel

The Services Palette lists all of the Supported OOB Services and any custom services created by you or created by other user and shared with you.  

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