Manual API Documentation

Swagger File Context

The CCM Calls 5.1 section provides an automated Swagger file listing the available API calls for Workload Manager 5.1.0. While these files do not contain the history and details that are available in the older manually-created API documentation, this section provides a list of previously-supported API calls. Going forward, the API documentation for each release will be generated automatically to ensure consistency with the rest of the CloudCenter Suite documentation.

Manual Documentation Availability

This manual section continues to be available and provide information that was previously available in Workload Manager 5.0 and earlier releases.

  • The same information is retained here for easy reference in addition to the Swagger files.

  • The CCM Calls 5.1 and the Release Notes for each release will continue to provide the historical API information going forward.

  • This manual section is only intended for additional reference and will not be updated. Once the swagger files are in place, this section will be deprecated.

List of CloudCenter Suite 5.0 APIs

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