Next Steps for Administrators

As a tenant administrator you need to get your Workload Manager system ready to support users. This involved multiple steps, some of which may or may not apply depending on your circumstances.

  • Set up users and subtenants using the Suite Admin UI. In order to do this you will need to have the suite admin role. If you don't, contact your suite admin to assign that role to you. Ensure that users for your tenant are entered into the suite, they are assigned to your tenant, and they have the appropriate roles (see OOB Groups, Roles, and Permissions).  Create any subtenants as needed (see Tenant Management and Manage Tenants). 
  • Use the Architecture section as a guide to determine if you want to or need to install any additional components such as Cloud Remote, local repo appliance, or a Docker registry for any of your target clouds. If yes, install and configure those components per the install instructions.
  • Create and configure the clouds and associated cloud regions and cloud accounts as explained in Clouds. This may involve defining custom storage types and instance types for your clouds.
  • Determine if you want or need pre-bootstrapped images for any of your VM-based clouds. If yes, create those images using the Cisco provided installer tools, import those images to all of your cloud regions where they are needed, and map the corresponding logical images to those pre-bootstrapped images.
  • For private VM-based clouds, map Workload Manager's OOB logical images to the physical images imported to your private clouds. These physical images may be pre-bootstrapped images that you created and imported.
  • Optional. Create aging, suspension, security, and scaling policies to be applied to user deployments. 
  • Create deployment environments for your users to allow them to deploy their applications to certain cloud regions using certain cloud accounts.
  • Create additional usage plans and bundles.  The root tenant has an unlimited usage plan by default that applies to all users in that tenant. As tenant administrator you can create additional plans and bundles within Workload Manager that limit cloud spend. As a suite administrator, you can then assign a plan to a subtenant or to individual users in your tenant (see Tenant Management and Manage Tenants).

Your users will now have everything they need to create applications using the Workload Manager OOB services, and deploy those applications using the cloud regions, cloud accounts, deployment environment, and policies you set up. You may also consider creating custom VM-based or container-based services and share them with your users.

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