Obtaining Your SSH Private Key


When you launch a VM-based deployment in Workload Manager, Workload Manager generates a private key for you for each region where you deploy VMs. You will need this private key to establish a direct SSH session with any of your application VMs for the purpose of troubleshooting.

API to Use

Workload Manager provides the View Keys API call which returns a list of private SSH keys associated with each cloud region where you have deployed VMs through Workload Manager. For the API call to successfully return your keys, you must first be logged in to your CloudCenter Suite account with the same browser you will issue the API call from.


To obtain your SSH private key, follow this process.

  1. Login to your CloudCenter Suite account through a supported browser.

  2. Using the same browser, open a new tab to enter the View Keys API call.

  3. From the API response body, copy the private key associated with the cloud region containing the VM you need to access. Copy all text between the opening and closing double quotes.

  4. Open a text editor, paste the private key, perform a global replace of all occurrences of "\n" with the new line character, and save the file.

  5. Change the file extension to .pem

  6. Set the appropriate file permission level: 

    chmod 400 <Key_file>.pem 

Using the PEM File

You can now use the pem file in your ssh command:

ssh -i <Key_file>.pem <ssh_username>@<vm_ip_address>

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