Workload Manager Service Libraries

Cisco CloudCenter Suite is a multicloud management solution that allows enterprise IT teams to securely design, deploy, and optimize infrastructure and applications across multiple clouds from a single point of access. It delivers a consistent user experience, while controlling costs and helping you meet compliance requirements. The suite simplifies multicloud management by providing workflow automation, application lifecycle management, cost optimization, governance and policy management across various cloud types. The CloudCenter Suite consists for 3 keys modules: Workload Manager, Action Orchestrator, and Cost Optimizer. 

Workload Manager allows users to integrate to various products as part of the orchestration process. This integration can occur at various points during the lifecycle of the application.  We can introduce integrations during the Day 0, Day 1, or Day 2. These integrations or service libraries can include databases, PaaS services, networking solutions, CMDBs, and so forth. This section list sample service libraries Workload Manager has with various products and how they tie into the lifecycle of the application.

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