Troubleshooting Parameters


Workload Manager allows you to define your own parameters (see Using Parameters) or use Workload Manager-Defined Parameters.

For development or test debugging purposes, Workload Manager provides a troubleshooting parameter so users can call the required parameter on an as-needed basis. 

Parameter to Ignore App Failure

The cliqrIgnoreAppFailure parameter does not terminate nodes during a failure and continues to keep all failed application deployment nodes running.

Currently the app profile along with the security groups are deleted.


Use the cliqrIgnoreAppFailure global parameter to only troubleshoot deployment failures. This parameter is only intended for initial debugging and must be removed for security reasons once the application is working properly.

To configure all failed nodes to run for any application, follow this procedure.

  1. Model an Application.

  2. Edit the application (see Application Tasks > Edit/Update).

  3. Configure the cliqrIgnoreAppFailure global parameter

    1. Access the Topology Modeler > Global Parameters.

    2. Click the add a parameter link to open the Parameter dropdown section.

    3. Add the following values for each field:
      1. Parameter Name: cliqrIgnoreAppFailure
      2. Display Name: Ignore App Failure
      3. Help Text: The app will not terminate nodes during a failure
      4. Type: string
      5. Default Value: true
      6. Check the User Options as applicable to your deployment (see Using Parameters)

         > Granular Control for User-Defined Parameters for additional context).
  4. Save the profile as an App or a Template as applicable to your deployment.
  5. Deploy the Application. You see cliqrIgnoreAppFailure global parameter configuration displayed Ignore App Failure as true in the Global Parameters section.

You have now configured the cliqrIgnoreAppFailure global parameter for this application and all failed nodes will not be terminated.

Timeout Parameters

You can use multiple parameters to configure timeouts:

ParameterWhen Used?Additional Details

It is possible for an external service to fall into an infinite loop if using the stop/start external initialization scripts. This situation may cause the Docker container to run forever. In these cases, use this parameter when modelling applications.

External Service

> Script Timer

cliqrNodeBootstrapTimeoutIdentifies the maximum time available for VMs to bootstrap after they are launched.

Deployment and VM States

> Orchestration Lifecycle Threshold Settings

cliqrNodeReadyTimeoutTerminates timed out VMs.
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