Workload Manager 5.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: September 26, 2019


  • October 15, 2019: Updated the release notes for technical accuracy.

  • December 12, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.


CloudCenter Suite 5.1.1 is available as an upgrade for existing customers from Workload Manager 5.1.0.

Backup and Restore

CloudCenter Suite 5.1.1 allows you to restore data that was backed up in 5.0.x environments. See Backup and Restore for additional details.

If you have installed the Workload Manager module, you must perform additional procedures to update the DNS/IP address for the resources listed in the following sections:


Workload Manager: You can upgrade to Workload Manager 5.1.1 via the Suite Admin UI. See Update Module for additional details.

If you upgrade the Workload Manager, you must also upgrade the Cost Optimizer and vice versa as both modules use shared components.

Upgrade Path

The recommended upgrade path is from CloudCenter Suite 5.0.3 to CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0. You can then upgrade Workload Manager to Workload Manager 5.1.1 as identified in the Update Module section.


There are no architecture changes for Workload Manager 5.1.


No updates

Services, Applications, and Deployments

CloudCenter Suite 5.1.1 provides a base Docker Service image to execute callouts on any Workload Manager-supported cloud. See Custom Docker Image for Scripts for additional details on building the custom worker image for callouts/scripts if you prefer to execute external callout scripts in an isolated Docker container.

Administration and Governance

No updates

Policy Management

No updates


No updates

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices for additional details.


Port 7788 (Guacamole) and Port 15672 (RabbitMQ) were initially enabled and are now disabled by default. If required, you can manually enable these ports depending on your environment requirements. See Agent Troubleshooting for details on when Port 15672 can be manually enabled.


No updates


No updates


No updates. 


The following sections were updated for technical accuracy:

Known Issues

No updates

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved/addressed in Workload Manager 5.1.1:

  • CSCvq77928: After a deployment, VM actions triggered by the CloudCenter Suite UI failed.
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.1 includes a check to ensure that when adding cloud accounts, billing units are already configured for the account addition to succeed.

  • CSCvr26992: Unable to deploy existing application profiles having a container service.
    Resolved: Workload Manager 5.1.1 includes a fix to ensure that deployment of application profiles with container services works as designed.

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