Workload Manager 5.1.2 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: November 14, 2019


  • December 12, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.

  • January 6, 2020: Updated the List Applications API documentation to include the ignoreSupportedClouds=true parameter.


CloudCenter Suite 5.1.2 is available as an upgrade for existing customers from Workload Manager 5.1.0 or Workload Manager 5.1.1.

Backup and Restore

CloudCenter Suite 5.1.2 allows you to restore data that was backed up in 5.0.x environments. See Backup and Restore for additional details.


Workload Manager: You can upgrade to Workload Manager 5.1.2 via the Suite Admin UI. See Update Module for additional details.

If you upgrade the Workload Manager, you must also upgrade the Cost Optimizer and vice versa as both modules use shared components.

Upgrade Path

The recommended upgrade path for CloudCenter Suite 5.0.3 to CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0. You can then upgrade Workload Manager to Workload Manager 5.1.1 or directly to Workload Manager 5.1.2 as identified in the Update Module section.


There are no architecture changes for Workload Manager 5.1.2.


This release also includes the following cloud-related updates:

  • Azure RM:

    • VM naming callouts have a new output parameter to specify the custom resource naming format.

    • VM naming and IPAM callout now will get unique VM_NODE_INDEX environment variable for each node, when multiple nodes are created in a tier. 

    • For pre-6.0.0 vSphere versions used for VMware deployments, the Workload Manager adds tags in the Custom Attributes section. From vSphere Version 6.0.0, the Workload Manager adds tags in the Tags section. See System Tags for additional details.

  • OpenStack: A new region setting has been introduced to enable Group Based Policy configuration.

  • See Guidance for Callout Scripts for additional detail.

Services, Applications, and Deployments

No updates

Administration and Governance

No updates

Policy Management

No updates


This release addresses security vulnerabilities by upgrading OS libraries and disabling the following protocols in the Workload Manager pages:

  • TLS v1.0 usage

  • IPv6 usage

For the Cloud Remote component, Cisco provides updated OS and Docker files that address the security vulnerability for both applications. The old Cloud Remote version will continue to work with Workload Manager 5.1.2. However, to avoid security issues, it is best to upgrade to this latest release.

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices for additional details.

Deprecation Notification

You may be using Python 2.7 for any of the following tasks:

  • To write external service scripts

  • To dynamically bootstrap a VM

  • To customize Docker images for scripts

  • To write callout scripts for VM naming or IPAM address allocation

If you are using Python 2.7, be aware that support officially stops on January 1, 2020. See additional details.

As a result, consider migrating the above scripts and code to Python 3.4 before the deadline. CloudCenter Suite will deprecate Python 2.7in an impending release.


No updates


No updates


No updates.


The following sections were updated for technical accuracy:

Known Issues

When you zip a script to a package and use that package for an application profile, then the node init script does not work if it reboots the VM. The workaround, for now, would be to specify the Node Init script using a Repo or URL (File in Package). 

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in Workload Manager 5.1.2:

  • CSCvr92284: When trying to edit a service, or clone an application profile, the system throws an Internal Server Error. 
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.2 includes a fix to address this issue.

  • CSCvr78281:   Long-running deployments based on External Service can timeout after 20 minutes with in the web UI.
    Resolution: If running an external script or validation that takes longer than 20 minutes, modify the following ConfigMap key/value pair to a larger number

    • The following is the value in milliseconds. For example, to change it to 40 minutes, you edit this configmap to – rest.readtimeout.custom: "2400000"

      {{# kubectl get cm cloudcenter-orchestrator -o yaml
      apiVersion: v1
        rest.readtimeout.custom: "1200000"
      kind: ConfigMap
        creationTimestamp: 2019-10-16T21:46:45Z
          app: cloudcenter-cco-5.1.2-20191024.0
          chart: cloudcenter-cco-5.1.2-20191024.0
          heritage: Tiller
          purpose: configuration
          release: workload-manager
        name: cloudcenter-orchestrator
        namespace: cisco
        resourceVersion: "21998329"
        selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/cisco/configmaps/cloudcenter-orchestrator
        uid: e}}6376501-80de-477d-a3d1-c430cf1c1194
    • Change the cliqrContainerExecuteScriptTimeout to a value that is large enough for the script to run. For example, to set the script to run for 40 minutes, you would do the following in the application profile Global Parameter as cliqrContainerExecuteScriptTimeout: 40m

  • CSCvr79259: URLs without "." (period) are not being accepted in the Cloud Region page – http://abcd:5000/v3/ for example.
    Resolution: This is a known third-party provider library issue for OpenStack and the customer configured the endpoint in CloudCenter Suite just as it was configured in OpenStack. Workload Manager 5.1.2  includes a fix to address this issue so that URLs without a "." are accepted.

  • CSCvr39981: The deployment time for a deployment is the sum of the deployment time for all tiers in an application, instead, it should be deployment days for whole deployments. (
    Resolution: Effective Workload Manager 5.0, this field is labeled as Billable Time in the Deployment Detail and Deployment List pages.

  • CSCvq75744: The Workload Manager deploys an AMQP virtual appliance with TLS 1.0 enabled by default. The AMQP appliance should be deployed with TLS 1.0/1.1 disabled. 
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.2 includes a fix to address this issue.

  • CSCvq71541: In the Workload Manager it is not possible to add a workflow for some actions (Update, Start, Stop, Suspend, Resume) for external services. Instead of selecting the workflows, a new page is loaded with the "Loading...Create AO failed" error message. 
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.2 includes a fix to address this issue.

  • CSCvp99234: An error message is thrown when trying to reference callout scripts from a REPO. 
    Resolution: With the correct value set in the Strategy Bundle field, the error message is no longer seen and the application deployment is successful.

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