Workload Manager 5.1.4 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: February 27, 2020


  • July 2, 2020: Updated the Documentation section to include the changed pages.


CloudCenter Suite 5.1.4 is available as an upgrade for existing customers from Workload Manager 5.1.0, Workload Manager 5.1.1, Workload Manager 5.1.2 or Workload Manager 5.1.3.

Backup and Restore

No updates


Workload Manager: You can upgrade to Workload Manager 5.1.4 via the Suite Admin UI. See Update Module for additional details.

If you upgrade the Workload Manager, you must also upgrade the Cost Optimizer and vice versa as both modules use shared components.

Upgrade Path 

The recommended upgrade path is from CloudCenter Suite 5.0.3 to CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0. You can then upgrade Workload Manager to Workload Manager 5.1.1, Workload Manager 5.1.2, or Workload Manager 5.1.3  or directly to Workload Manager 5.1.4 as identified in the Update Module section.


There are no architecture changes for Workload Manager 5.1.4.

Workload Manager 5.1.4 supports RedHat  Linux 8. See OOB Logical Images for an updated list.


No updates

Services, Applications, and Deployments

No updates

Administration and Governance

Workload Manager 5.1.4 supports deployment of applications to networks running on Cisco ACI/AVE switch.

Policy Management

No updates


No updates

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices for additional details.

Deprecation Notification

No updates


No updates


No updates


No updates


The following sections were updated for technical accuracy:

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in Workload Manager 5.1.4:

  • CSCvt21860: When deploying application that have multiple Network Interface Cards (NIC) attached to a tier, the Job Details/Virtual Machines pages do not display their hostnames. 
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.4 includes a fix that displays the hostnames for the VMs that have multiple NICs attached to them.  

  • CSCvt21832For deployment of applications having tiers with Multiple NICs, there is no way to get all the IPs assigned to a network in the service scripts.
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.4 includes a new environment variable, CliqrTier_$tierName_$networkName, which has a comma separated list of IP addresses assigned to a network in a tier. The network name needs to have only alpha numeric characters and underscores.

  • CSCvs66683: Attach Volume operations fail for OpenStack deployments, when OpenStack is configured with Volume types.
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.4 includes an additional configuration in the Cloud Region settings to use storage type as volume type. When enabled, storage types selected are used for configuring appropriate volume types on OpenStack.

  • CSCvs69834: Terminate protection cannot be turned off on some deployments which prevents the deployments from being terminated.Terminate action items are missing on the right-click menu.
    Resolution: : Workload Manager 5.1.4 includes a fix to address this issue and terminate protection can be disabled as needed.

  • CSCvs66084: When a “Terminate And Hide” operation is tried on a failed deployment, it gets stuck in Cancelling state.
    Resolution: Workload Manager 5.1.4 includes a fix to address this issue and the deployment that is in an Error state can be terminated and hidden.

  • CSCvs13243: Workload Manager Benchmarking results are always 0 cost in Benchmark charts.
    Benchmark costs are calculated based on the Job cost and Node cost and are updated hourly. Once the benchmark completes, it is essential to wait for at least 1 hour before checking the benchmark results.

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