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First Published: September 26, 2019


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Cost Optimizer 5.1.0
Cost Optimizer 5.1.0

Installation and Upgrade

  • %ccs:

    • %co cannot be installed separately and must be installed as a part of the %ccs UI. See Suite Admin 5.1.1 release notes for additional details.


      If you upgrade %co, you must also upgrade %wm and vice versa as both modules use the same shared APIs.

  • %co:

    • The Optimizer Admin can upgrade %co at the suite level to the latest version of the software. See Update Module for additional context. 

    • When upgrading to %co 5.1.0, it is recommended that you upgrade from %co 5.0.1 or %co 5.0.3.



The following documentation changes were implemented in %co 5.1.1:


Known Issues

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