CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

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  1. Access the CCM UI > Admin > Clouds > Add Cloud in the CCM UI main menu.

  2. Select the Amazon Web Services option, provide a Name and Description for this cloud, and click Save.

  3. Locate the newly-added cloud and click Add Cloud Account to add an account for this cloud family.

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    The Add Cloud Account popup displays.Image Removed

    1. Assign a cloud account Name.

    2. Provide the AWS cloud credentials.

      1. AWS Email Address: The email address associated with your AWS cloud family account.
      2. Expand
        titleUse IAM Role:

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        IAM Role
        IAM Role

      3. AWS Account Number: The account number from your AWS account.

      4. AWS Access Key and Secret Key: The security credentials to access this AWS account.

    3. Click Save. The newly added cloud is displayed in the Cloud Configurations page.
  1. Click the Regions tab to add a cloud region.
    1. Click Add Cloud Regions.
    2. Select the required regions for this cloud.
    1. Add the Region Name and an optional Display Name for this cloud region.
    2. Click Save.


      The Instance Types, the Storage Types, and the Image Maps sections are automatically populated with as soon as you add the region.

  2. (Optional) Click Edit Cloud Settings to update the Instance Naming Strategy, Instance IPAM Strategy, or the Node Name Config fields. The Region-Level Cloud Settings section provides more details on configuring these values.


    If you Edit Cloud Settings, you must save the changes to the CCO to ensure that these changes are also propagated to CCOs inside a firewall configuration.

    If your CCO is already configured, you must re-register the CCO for these Cloud Settings to take effect.

  3. To complete the cloud configuration, you must register the CCO with the CCM.

    titleRegister the CCO with the CCM

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    Register the CCO with the CCM
    Register the CCO with the CCM


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