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Comment: made clear that appliance upload is through CLI per DOC-608


  1. Download the Cloud Remote appliance zip file from and then unzip it to reveal the VHD file.
  2. Through the AzureRM console, import and launch the Cloud Remote appliance

    Upload the Cloud Remote appliance VHD file to AzureRM using the AzureRM CLI, then launch the appliance from the AzureRM console web UI. This process is similar to


    uploading and launching the CloudCenter Suite installer appliance for AzureRM.


    You must use the AzureRM CLI to perform this upload.

  3. Optional but recommended for production environments: Deploy two additional instances of the appliance to form a cluster for HA. Cloud Remote includes support for clustering of multiple nodes. You will "add" these two additional instances to the first instance after the first instance is configured.  See Cloud Remote (Conditional) > Scaling for details.
  4. Once the first instance of the appliance has been launched, use the AzureRM console to note its IP public and private addresses. You will need this information later on in order login to the Cloud Remote web UI and to complete the Region Connectivity settings in the CloudCenter Suite Web UI. Also note the IP addresses of any other appliances you launch.
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    Cloud Remote Firewall Rules
    Cloud Remote Firewall Rules

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    region connectivity - specify amqp and guac addresses
    region connectivity - specify amqp and guac addresses

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    Region connectivity download config
    Region connectivity download config

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    Cloud Remote web UI config
    Cloud Remote web UI config
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