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Comment: Subbu's team;s message for 5.1.2 tags addition for vCenter plus corrected 2 links


  • Azure RM:

    • VM naming callouts have a new output parameter to specify the custom resource naming format.

    • VM naming and IPAM callout now will get unique VM_NODE_INDEX environment variable for each node, when multiple nodes are created in a tier. 

    • For pre-6.0.0 vSphere versions used for VMware deployments, the Workload Manager adds tags in the Custom Attributes section. From vSphere Version 6.0.0, the Workload Manager adds tags in in the  the Tags section. See System Tags for additional details.

  • OpenStack: A new region setting has been introduced to enable Group Based Policy configuration.

  • See Guidance for Callout Scripts for additional detail.


Known Issues

When you zip a script to a package and use that package for an application profile, then the node init script does not work if it reboots the VM. The workaround, for now, would be to specify the Node Init script using a Repo or URL (File in Package).