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Action Orchestrator 5.1.3 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: October 14, 2019


  • October 15, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to include updated pages and reworded the Installation and Upgrade section below.

Installation and Upgrade

  • Action Orchestrator 5.1.2 and earlier:

    • Are only supported on CCS50 installations.

    • Should not be installed on CloudCenter Suite systems using the new CCS51 installer – you should only install Action Orchestrator 5.1.3 directly on these systems.

  • Action Orchestrator 5.1.3:

    • Is only supported on CCS51 and later installations.

    • Can be upgraded to or installed on any CloudCenter Suite system as long as the system uses CloudCenter Suite 5.1 or later versions.

See the Suite Admin 5.0 and Suite Admin 5.1.0 release notes for additional context.


The following documentation change was implemented in Action Orchestrator 5.1.3:

  • Set Variables (added additional field description under New Value for more clarity)

Known Issues

No updates

Resolved Issues

This release includes fixes for internally found issues that do not change the product behavior in any way.

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