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  • September 23, 2020: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.

  • September 24, 2020: Updated the Installation section to include the sub-folder configuration and allowed URL changes.


CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 is available as installers for ALL components for all supported clouds. Contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for additional details.

VMware Sub-folder Behavior

While the following behavior applies to VMware environments using CloudCenter Suite 5.2.1 and earlier versions:


  • VMware environments can configure Clusters, DataStores, and/or Networks under a sub-folder. For example, sub-folder/Cluster , sub-folder/Datastore , sub-folder/Network

  • You can install a CloudCenter Suite cluster under any sub-folder

  • See VMware vSphere Installation for additional details.

This is a change!

Allowed URLs

In CloudCenter Suite 5.1 and earlier, if your environment has strict URL rules that redirects (for example, using a shorter URL that redirects to the configured URL, you may not be able to complete the installation as these kind of redirects may not be allowed if you have installed the repository in an offline cluster. As the offline solution is not completely air gapped in CloudCenter Suite 5.0 and 5.1, you must added these URLs to your allowed lists behind the firewall so you can access these sites.

While CloudCenter Suite 5.2 offers a completely air gapped environmentyour CCS cluster will require access to the URLs in the above table if your internet access is via a proxy environment. However, as the offline solution is a completely air gapped environment and you do not need to adds URLs to your acceptable list of URLs when using the Air Gap Installation approach. This is a change!

See VMware vSphere Installation for additional details.

Backup and Restore

CloudCenter Suite 5.2.0 supports installation of the CloudCenter Suite in environments that do not have an internet connection (equivalent of an isolated network). While Air Gap Installation refers to the feature, Offline Repository refers to the delivery mechanism for the Air Gap Installation feature.


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