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Management Agent Java Version Compatibility


This component is required for clouds that do not support dynamic bootstrapping as identified in the Base OS Images section.


This section provides details on the Java-based Management agent.

If you are looking for details on the Go-based lightweight agent, see the Virtual Machines Management section.

Each VM that is managed by CloudCenter requires a Management Agent Bundle (agent) component to run on it. The CloudCenter platform installer files includes the management agent in each VM image. The CloudCenter platform detects that the agent is not installed and automatically pushes the agent to each VM as part of the deployment process.

The CCO receives monitoring information from the management agent and in turn provides instructions to the agent for the following tasks:


Java Version Compatibility


JVM 1.8 Update 131 (core_upgrade.bin)

JRE 18.0 Update 121 (worker_installer.bin)


JVM 1.8 Update 131 (core_upgrade.bin)

JRE 18.0 Update 131 (worker_installer.bin)

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CCD48:Java Version Compatibility
CCD48:Java Version Compatibility

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