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  • MGMTPOSTGRES_MASTER: A server that modifies data and carries the load.
  • MGMTPOSTGRES_SLAVE: A server that responds to or replicates changes made in the master server.
  • Virtual IP (VIP): The PostgreSQL instances launched in the cloud must be capable of handling network routing for your enterprise through the VIP configured by your cloud administrator.

Additional Nuances:

  • Place the two database servers on the same cloud or datacenter as the two CCM servers. This ensures:

    • A master-slave HA setup allows the secondary sever to seamlessly takes over, if the primary server fails at any point.

    • When a failed server comes back online, data is synchronized from the new master server automatically. The server that was offline becomes the slave server. When the old master server is back online, it rejoins the cluster and becomes the new slave server automatically.

  • Ensure that you accurately route the Virtual IP configuration to the appropriate MGMTPOSTGRES instance. 

  • The Tomcat service on a secondary CCM server does not restart after the Configure_HA field in the CCM wizard is executed from a primary CCM – if sudo privileges are not available on the secondary CCM server. If you need to start the Tomcat service remotely, then configure sudo privileges on the secondary CCM server.


The CloudCenter CCM and database servers work together to provide the following HA solution:


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