CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Bundle Store Upgrade (Conditional)

Skip this section, if you do not use a custom Bundle Store in your CloudCenter setup.

In all other cases, you must upgrade the Bundle Store as this component is not automatically updated by the CloudCenter platform – EVEN IF the bundle store and the REPO appliance were configured on the same server. This upgrade must be performed manually.

Upgrading a Bundle server involves updating (by downloading and extracting file) the server with the latest CloudCenter bundle packages.

To update the, follow this procedure.

  1. Create a directory under the HTTP server document root directory to reflect the CloudCenter release you are installing (for example, directory name release-4.8.2 under /var/www for Apache2 HTTP server) and create a directory named bundle under it.

    mkdir release-<version>
    cd release-<version>
    mkdir bundle
  2. Change to the bundle directory.

    cd bundle
  3. Copy or download the

  4. Unzip the file.

  5. SSH into each CCO instance in your setup and update bundle server URL in the CCO wizard.

    1. Invoke the CCO wizard using the below command.

      CCO Wizard Path
    2. Configure the following properties:

      Wizard MenuFieldNotes

      Bundle Server Info

      Agent Bundle URL

      The URL for the Management Agent bundle – Use the default, (, or replace the default with your custom bundle store URL as demoed below.

      Use the HTTP protocol to configure this URL.

      For example:



      <myIpOrDns> = your bundle server IP/DNS

      <> = your CloudCenter release being used

      Update this URL if you are installing or upgrading a custom bundle server.

    3. Exit the CCO wizard.

You have now updated the Bundle Store.

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