Upgrade Monitor/Log Collector

One Time Prerequisite

As a one-time task for all OS configurations, you must tighten the security configuration for the log monitor VM to ensure security compliance. See the Security Hardening Requirements section in the Upgrade Overview section for additional context.

Convert Monitor to Log Collector

If you are upgrading from CloudCenter or earlier CloudCenter release, you must upgrade the Monitor to become the Log Collector.

To upgrade the MONITOR to become the LOG_COLLECTOR, follow this procedure.

  1. SSH into the MONITOR instance.

  2. Download the core_upgrade.bin files in /tmp folder of the Monitor instance.

  3. Run the core upgrade to upgrade the Monitor using the following commands.

    sudo -i
    cd /tmp
    chmod 755 core_upgrade.bin
    #Set the following only if a local store is setup
    export CUSTOM_REPO=<http://local_package_store IP>
    ./core_upgrade.bin <ostype> <cloud> logcollector

    The MONITOR has been converted to LOG_COLLECTOR.

Upgrading the Log Collector

If you are upgrading from CloudCenter or later release to 4.10, you do not need to upgrade the log collector.

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