Suite Admin 5.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: February 16, 2019


  • February 25, 2019: Added a step to VMware vSphere Appliance Setup to ensure that NTP is configured for ESXi hosts.
  • March 29, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.


CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 is available as installer files for ALL components for all supported clouds. Contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for additional details.

Upgrade Path

You can only install the CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 as a fresh installation. 


The CloudCenter Suite is made up of the following components:

  • Suite Installer – Installs the Suite Admin. 

  • Suite Admin – Installs and launches a suite of modules. See The Suite Admin section below for additional details.

  • Modules – The Workload Manager, the Cost Optimizer, and the Action Orchestrator. See The Modules section below for additional details.

  • Core Runtime Platform and Kubernetes Infrastructure – A Kubernetes-based platform that allows you to launch each module on a new or existing Kubernetes cluster.

See Suite Architecture for additional details.


You can launch the CloudCenter Suite using one of the following options:


In the earlier avatars of the CloudCenter platform (CloudCenter 4.10 and earlier) the user, tenant, role, and group administration were part of the Admin configuration.

In the CloudCenter Suite, this configuration is managed by the Suite Admin.

As an administrator for the Suite Admin, you can perform the following tasks from the Suite Admin dashboard:

  • Module Management

  • Smart Software Licensing
  • User Tenant Management
  • Manage Clusters, if the cluster was created by the suite administrator

See Initial Administrator Setup for additional details.

Module Management

After you download and install the Suite Admin using the Suite Installer, you have the option to install additional modules through the Suite Admin UI. You can:

  • Install additional modules that are available of your choice based on the list available in the Dashboard.
  • Upgrade the Suite Admin or installed module each time a new version becomes available. 

While installing a module is optional, you cannot configure resources other than users/tenants/groups/roles/admin menu settings if you don't install modules!

See Suite Admin Workflow or Module Lifecycle Management for additional details.

Smart Software Licensing

CloudCenter Suite integrates with the Cisco Smart Software Licensing solution. The CloudCenter Suite is available for a 90-day evaluation period after which, you must register with Cisco Smart Software Manager. 

The number of licenses required depends on your deployment scenario. For example, the Workload Manager and Cost Optimizer define entitlements based on features used in those modules. These entitlements may apply to the use of a specific public/private cloud, the number of management units used when deploying applications (VMs and containers), the options purchased (essentials, advanced, premium), and so forth.

User Tenant Management

From the Suite Admin perspective, a user refers to any user configured by the Initial Administrator.

  • Users include other suite administrators, tenant administrators, and module administrators. See Create and Manage Users for details.

  • Roles are a collection of permissions provided to default out-of-box (predefined) groups. See Understand Roles for details.

  • Groups provide a majority of the required functionality to module users. As such, enterprises will not need to create custom groups unless, this group is extremely specific to their environments. The users within each group can perform permitted functions on permitted resources by virtue of being part of the group. See OOB Suite Admin Groups for details.

  • Tenants administrators can manage users, groups and tenants WITHIN their tenant hierarchy, access modules made available for their tenant(s), and execute a subset of tasks as permitted by the suite administrator or their parent tenant. See Manage Tenants for details.

Cluster Management

You can view the status of a Kubernetes cluster along with detailed information about each node in the cluster.

If a cluster was created by the suite administrator as described in Initial Administrator Setup, then this suite administrator can manage those clusters. Managing a cluster includes the following tasks.

  • Scale this cluster

  • Monitor the cluster by viewing alerts

See Cluster Status or Manage Clusters for details.

Security Management

See Security Considerations for details.

Suite UI

The Suite Admin Dashboard is the first page that is visible to suite administrators configured by the Initial Administrator and displays the following information:

  • The Suite Admin to administer the CloudCenter Suite as described in Initial Administrator Setup.

  • Additional modules that you can install on an as-needed basis.

See Suite Admin Dashboard for details.


CloudCenter Suite APIs provide support for the following CloudCenter Suite modules:

The payloads for the CloudCenter Suite APIs are visible the API documentation section for each module. 

The User, Groups, and Tenant APIs are part of the Suite Admin and each API using these services have an additional prefix in the URI. 

The v2 APIs, where available, provide structured responses with minimum details and provides links for nested job-related resources as well as improved search, sort, and pagination filters.


The following documentation changes were implemented in CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0:

Known Issues

CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 has the following known issue:

  • When you uninstall the Workload Manager or Cost Optimizer modules, the Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) are not deleted – they are retained as is for the Suite Administrator to take appropriate steps to backup or manually delete the PVC. The secrets for the Workload Manager and the Cost Optimizer are not deleted when you uninstall the product. To work around this issue, the Suite Administrator must clean up their instances as described in Troubleshoot Suite Admin > PVC Cleanup. 

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