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Email settings are required to communicate with CloudCenter Suite users when triggering the reset password function or the password auto-generation function – the email settings are used to construct the links when resetting a password for new or existing users.

The Suite Admin does not support TLS ports – it only supports SSL ports to configure SMTP mail servers.

You can enable the SMTPS protocol to secure SMTP at the transport layer. SMTPS uses port 465 to indicate that the client and server communicate using normal SMTP at the application layer, but the connection is secured by SSL or TLS.

If the SMTP settings are not configured for a sub-tenant, then the parent tenant's SMTP settings are used to send emails to users.


To use this function:

  • The enterprise should have already setup an SMTP server. 
  • The user must have tenant administrator permissions.
  • The SMTP configuration must be authenticated and that you are able to send and receive emails before setting up your email communication.

    When a cloud is configured in a different region using some carriers (for example, GMAIL), the carrier may assume this configuration as a suspicious activity and block the email sending functionality. This is an example of an issue with your carrier's SMTP settings. 

    Example: If you send an email using GMAIL from different region/machines, then GMAIL may trigger emails for suspicious activity and stops sending emails. In this case, you must resolved this issue by following this procedure.

    1. Login into this email from to access your account.
    2. In the page, click Security in the left pane.
    3. Search for Access allowed for less secure apps and turn it on to ensure that you allow access for this application.
    4. You can now configure your GMAIL email in the Email Setup page in Suite Admin.

    Be sure to resolve these issues before proceeding with the configuration.

  • You should have already configured the Base URL Configuration and completed the Email Settings to ensure that the URL is accessible and that an email can be sent to the user.


To configure SMTP details in the Suite Admin, follow this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Suite Admin Dashboard > Admin.

  2. Click SMTP in the left tree pane to display the SMTP Settings page.

  3. Toggle the switch to enable (disabled by default) SMTP settings. 

  4. Optional. Toggle the switch to enable SMTPS (Secure SMTP) at the transport level.

  5. Optional. Toggle the switch to enable TLS security protocol if required by your SMTP server.

  6. Provide the Username, Password, IP address or DNS for the SMTP Host, and the Port Number to enable SMTP authentication.

  7. Click Save to save your edits. 

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