Local Package Store (Conditional)

  1. The local package store can be created on your own base OS image using the installer file listed below.
  2. If running the local package store on a CentOS 7 distribution is acceptable in your environment, consider deploying the Local Repo Appliance, instead.
  3. This component is required if worker VMs in the region do not have continuous access to the internet.


To configure a local package store, complete the following procedure.

Internet Access!

The package store requires internet access to be able to periodically synchronize OS packages from the default package store (http://repo.cliqrtech.com).

  1. SSH into the VM instance using the key pair that you used to launch the VM.

  2. Login and become the ROOT user.

    sudo -i
  3. Change to the location where you want to download the installer.

  4. Download the repo_installer.bin file from software.cisco.com and save to the /tmp folder.

  5. Run the repository (repo) installer using the following commands:

    chmod 755 repo_installer.bin
    ./repo_installer.bin <ostype> <cloudtype> repo

    <ostype>= centos6, centos7, rhel6, rhel7, ubuntu1404, ubuntu1604

    <cloudtype>= amazon, azurerm, azurepack, google, opsource, openstack, softlayer, vmware, vcd (run the ./core_installer.bin help command for a complete list)

    For example:

    ./repo_installer.bin centos7 amazon repo


  6. Invoke the repo config wizard and configure the basic properties.

    Config Wizard Path

    This invokes a text UI. Dismissing the welcome message displays the configuration menu. The menu has three choices: Proxy_Settings, Repo_Syncup, and Exit.

  7. Selecting Proxy_Setting brings up a new menu allowing you to specify a SOCKS proxy URL. Enter the address of your proxy server if you have one.
  8. Selecting Repo_Syncup displays a confirmation message. Agreeing to the confirmation message causes the script to sync the local package store the latest package store at http://repo.cliqrtech.com.
  9. Exit the Repo wizard.

  10. Run the following command to verify if the repo sync is complete and the files are downloaded.

    du -sh /repo/
    5.6G   /repo/
    #Approximately 5 GB or greater value is downloaded from the repo. Once the files are downloaded the repo metadata is built for all the repositories.
  11. From the CloudCenter Suite UI: Admin > Clouds > Configure cloud > Regions / Details tab > Edit Cloud Settings, set the Agent Custom Repository field to  "https://" followed by the IP address of the local package store VM.

The local package store should be synced periodically with repo.cliqrtech.com. Instead of doing this manually, consider creating a cron job to do this once every 24 hours.

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