UI Language Availability


Cisco provides English as the only language option for CloudCenter Suite documentation.

You have multiple language options when you view the CloudCenter Suite UI.

In CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0, the UI for the installation process (from running the installer up to the Initial Administrator Setup) is only available in English – you cannot change the language, not does Cisco detect your browser language at that time.

The first point where you can change the language and where Cisco detects your browser language, is in the Suite Admin login page as listed in the sections below.

Language Options

Cisco provides the following language choices to view the CloudCenter Suite UI:

  • English

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Simplified Chinese

Browser Language Detection

The CloudCenter Suite detects your browser's language of choice and automatically displays the CloudCenter Suite UI in the same language – provided it is one of the language options listed in the above section.

Regardless of the detected browser language or the administrator settings at the time of CloudCenter Suite installation, each end user can change the language at any time from the module to which each user has access.

Language Configuration

You can set your language of choice in one of two configuration screens:

  • Administrative Level: When you configure the suite administrator. See Initial Administrator Setup > Configure an Admin User and Tenant for details.

  • User Level: When you edit your user profile. See Suite Admin Dashboard > The Header for details.

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