Bundle Store

  1. The Bundle Store is only available as an installer file and you must manually install this component.
  2. This component is required if you do not have Internet access


To configure a bundle store, follow this procedure.

Isolated Environments

For environments where connectivity to the internet is restricted, create a local bundle store and register it with the CCO(s). See Register the CCO with the CCM for additional context.

  1. Set up the HTTP server.

    This setup assumes Apache2 on a CentOS server. If you use a different OS/HTTP server, adjust the following commands accordingly.

  2. Locate the document root of the HTTP server

    1. Change directory to /etc/httpd/conf

    2. Check httpd.conf for site-available/default files.

    3. Locate the DocumentRoot in one of these configuration files. Typically, it will be either /var/www or /var/www/html.

  3. Change directory to DocumentRoot directory.

    cd <DocumentRoot>
  4. Create a directory to reflect the CloudCenter release you are installing (for example, 4.8.0) and create a bundle directory under the release folder level.

    mkdir release-<CloudCenter Version>
    cd release-<CloudCenter Version>
    mkdir bundle
  5. Change to the bundle directory.

    cd bundle
  6. Copy or download the bundle_artifacts.zip

  7. Unzip the bundle_artifacts.zip file.

    unzip bundle_artifacts.zip

  8. Update the configuration files to set the repository location.

    chmod 755 ./set_bundle_location.sh
    ./set_bundle_location.sh http://your_HTTP_server/release-<CloudCenter Version>/bundle/
    ./set_bundle_location.sh http://cdn.cliqr.com/release-4.8.0/bundle/

    If you do not include the trailing “/” in the command, you will receive errors at some point in the process.

You have successfully configured the bundle store! You can now proceed to the next step.

HTTPS Dependencies

See Worker (Conditional) > HTTPS Dependencies for additional context.

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